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Access Center

Our Access Center helps families from out of town coordinate visits to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Our highly trained access navigators serve as a liaison with clinical areas. They help gather medical records and register and schedule your child for appointments. They also assist with financial approvals and lodging at the Ronald McDonald House or a nearby hotel.

How to contact our Access Center

Got questions? Want to make an appointment through our Access Center? There are two ways to contact our Access Center:

We also offer maps and directions to all of our Children's Hospital of Wisconsin locations.

Watch Sarah's story and see our Access Center in action


What our patient families are saying

Our navigators have helped families from nearly 40 states and 7 countries. Families say we have been successful in making their visits to Children's Hospital much easier.

  • "What a relief it was knowing you had everything set up and ready to go. We accomplished more in 5 days here than the previous 3 years in Florida."
  • "We are so glad you are able to help us with all of this. We had no idea how big the medical complex was. We appreciate all the assistance you were able to give us."
  • "I'm just happy with how thorough this all is. Very refreshing!"
  • "You sure make it easy for families to come and stay at the hospital together."
  • "I was beyond impressed with our whole stay. Thank you for your help."
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Contact the Access Center

To contact the Access Center, use our online form, or call:

(414) 266-6300

Patient story

Grace and mom

"We had been searching for answers for years and we finally received some at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. I can't express the weight that has been lifted off our shoulders."

- Jennifer M., mother of daughter Grace. Grace is a patient of the Birthmarks and Vascular Anomalies Center and was born with PHACE Syndrome.