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News Mar 27, 2018

Making medical history: Why a man donated part of his liver to a little girl he’d never met

Johnny C. Hong, MD Director

In my 27 years of medical practice, I have seen countless children receive the gift of a life-saving organ donation, but a few months ago I was honored to be part of a truly remarkable event.

Kids and adult
Patient Stories Nov 13, 2017

How 1 child gave the gift of life to 5 patients at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Hilary Dickinson Writer

Fourteen-year-old Da’Quan Nichols-Cox from Milwaukee was a smart, talented and loving kid who liked football, basketball and his English and math classes. He’s also a hero, according to his little brother.

Patient Stories Mar 31, 2017

Thirty years ago, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin performed its first transplant

Evan Solochek Writer

Troy Schultz was just 9 years old when he made medical history in Milwaukee. Born in 1977 with extensive scarring on his kidneys, Troy was initially given about six months to live.

Operating room
Patient Stories Mar 10, 2016

How 1 decision saved 5 lives: The importance of organ donation

Marc Gorelick, MD Former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

When one of our patients sadly passed away last fall, his parents made the difficult but heroic decision to donate his organs.