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Mom applying sunscreen to daughter
Tips Jul 01, 2019

Chemical vs. mineral — breaking down the sunscreen controversy

Sharyl Paley, MD Pediatrician

Sunscreen is an important tool for protecting kids from the negative effects of sun exposure. Let’s break the controversy down so you can feel confident using sunscreen.

Kids in pool
Tips Jul 25, 2017

Caring for kids with sunburn: Tips every parent should know

Barbara Calkins, MD Pediatrician

You bought the sunscreen, and you’re careful to apply it. Unfortunately, it can still happen – sunburn. It’s important to take it seriously and keep it from happening again, since the risk of melanoma increases each time a child has a sunburn.

Teenage girl looking in mirror
Tips Jun 04, 2017

Teenage acne: Understanding causes, types and treatment options

David Meuler, MD Pediatrician

Acne is something that pretty much every teenager will have to deal with at some point to some degree. While that’s true, it certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

Phaching the Future Graphic
News Jun 18, 2014

PHACE Syndrome conference brings together families, researchers

Beth Drolet, MD Medical Director

It looks like a birthmark, but is anything but. PHACE Syndrome is the association of large hemangionoma, commonly referred to as “strawberry marks,” which usually are found on the face or neck in combination with one or more other abnormalities.