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Leave of absence reminders

If you need to take a leave of absence for any reason, be sure to follow the following procedures:

Planned leave: You must verbally inform your leader and Employee Health and Wellness at least 30 days in advance of taking a planned leave of absence (e.g. medical procedure, maternity leave). Failure to give appropriate notice may result in the delay of leave or the denial of leave as Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Personal Leave of Absence (PLOA) and could subject an employee to corrective action under Children’s Attendance and Punctuality Policy.

Unplanned leave: If you are taking a leave of absence because of an unplanned or emergency situation (e.g. motor vehicle accident, appendectomy), please notify your leader and Employee Health and Wellness as soon as possible, but no later than the next day.

Please refer to the FMLA and PLOA policies on the intranet for more information about Children’s Leave of Absence. If you have questions, please call the Leave of Absence Hotline at (414) 337-7011.

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