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Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is a Center of Excellence and member of MIBEC (Multi Institutional Bladder Exstrophy Consortium) for bladder Exstrophy and Epispadias. Our goal is to help your child have good bladder health, bladder control, and lead a normal active life.

In order to reduce variability in surgical care and improve outcomes for patients with this rare condition Children's Hospital is a part of a multi-center collaborative consortium known as MIBEC. The consortium brings together the country’s top pediatric urologists from two other pediatric institutions (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Boston Children’s). The goal of this multi-center team is to review surgical techniques, teach new physicians, and report on and improve patient outcomes. This surgical collaborative was formed over the last four years and includes surgeons from the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, CHOP and Boston Children’s Hospital.

A surgical team from each of these three hospitals takes turns visiting each other to study each bladder exstrophy surgery performed. The visiting surgeons videotape every surgery and then the group collectively gives surgical guidance to the home hospital team.

The program is in still in its early stages, but already in the past few years the team (which, along with the Children's Hospital surgeons, includes Joseph Borer, MD, and Richard Yu, MD, from Boston, and Douglas Canning, MD, Aseem Shukla, MD, and Dana Weiss, MD from CHOP) have completed 20 exstrophy-related procedures, including eight procedures at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, thereby multiplying many fold the clinical experience each center would have had on its own.

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