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Oncology Program

Our specialists know that cancer in children, adolescents and young adults is different from adult cancer in how it develops, how patients handle treatment, and the health and well-being of patients in the future. We work with you to help your child and your whole family work through the process.

In order to provide highly specialized cancer therapies, Children's Hospital offers a range of clinical trials through our own research programs as well as through participation in Children's Oncology Group (COG), an organization comprised of the world’s experts dedicated to studying childhood cancer. Our team's commitment to research ranks us as one of the top programs enrolling patients in clinical trials. This means our patients and their families benefit from nationwide research in childhood cancer. In addition, Children's Hospital is a member of several early-phase research consortia, which means that children with difficult-to-cure types of cancer benefit from access to early phase clinical research trials to explore new therapies.

Join the Young Adult Oncology Group

Young adults who have received or currently are receiving cancer treatment may need special support. Learn more.

Get a second opinion

It's important to learn everything you can about your child’s diagnosis and care. We'll give you a second opinion.

Support for survivors and their families

How will a diagnosis or treatment for childhood cancer or a blood disorder affect your child’s health and well-being in the future? Learn about our Next Steps Survivorship Program.

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Caring for children with cancer

Meet Dr. Tower and learn how we care for children with cancer in our MACC Fund Center.