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Influencing the education of future nursing students is our mission here at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. This site aids faculty and preceptors in the essentials needed to complete a clinical or preceptorship at Children's Hospital.

  New form: Children's Hospital Preceptorship Responsibilities and Expectations    

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Policy and procedures

Advance Practice Nursing listing

Advance Practice Nurses work in the following clinics:

APN in clinics A-F 


 APN in clinics G-O


 APN in clinics P-Z


Adolescent Health and Medicine


APN Educator School Liaison

Child Development

Child Protection and Advocacy

Community Health/Primary Care/School Based Clinics

Critical Care

Educational Services

Emergency Department/Trauma Center









Herma Heart Center


HOT Services

(Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant)

Jane B. Pettit Pain Management Center










Palliative Care Program

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Project Ujima

Pre-Op Anesthesia Evaluation Clinic





Research & Evidence Based Practice


Special Needs Program

Surgical Services


Unit Based

Urgent Care


Unit information


All schools of nursing requesting nursing student placement at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin must use the following forms. Requests will not be processed if information is received in an alternative format.

Nursing Student Schedule Form. This form will help our staff and units have a clear picture of when students are on the units. Please fill this form out each semester and submit it to Diane Dooley

Student Information Sheet.  This form can be used for undergraduate nursing students participating in a senior preceptorship. This form should be submitted with the student placement request form. Completed forms should be sent via email to Diane Dooley.

Student clinical site evaluation 

Alternative learning experiences

Alternative learning experience request form 
This form is used for clinical students currently conducting a rotation at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, but who would like a one-time alternative learning experience on another unit/area. This form is to be mailed, faxed or emailed to the appropriate contact person. Please refer to the Alternative learning experience listing

Alternative student objectives and evaluation form
The first page of this form should be printed out and completed by the student prior to attending an alternative/observational experience. The bottom portion is to be completed by the staff who works with the student at the alternative site. The second page should be returned to the clinical instructor. This form can be used by the student to evaluate their alternate site experience and for the student to evaluate the staff who worked with them during this experience. Please forward any important feedback to Tracy Blair (MS #B265A) or Martha Kliebenstein (MS #B265A) to relay back to the specific unit.

Educational materials

Helpful tips and learning techniques

Faculty checklists
Sample of first day letter to students- pdf file

Sample of first day letter to students- word file

Sample student orientation checklist to unit

Sample student assignment sheet

Learning techniques


Visit Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's Best Practice website to find different approaches to teaching and learning.

Synergy model

Meeting minutes