The Sports Medicine Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is the only program in Wisconsin just for young athletes. Our goal is to help your children get and stay healthy, and return to the activities they enjoy as soon as possible.

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Our sports medicine team works closely with parents, coaches and other health care professionals to provide care that is specifically tailored to fit each child’s needs. Our team, led by Kevin D. Walter, MD, understands that young athletes’ injuries need special treatment, because that treatment can affect your child’s growth.

Call our sports line at (414) 604-7512 to speak with a sports medicine expert or request an appointment.

Nationally known orthopedic surgeons

Fortunately, most sports injuries in children can be treated without surgery. However, when surgery is necessary, Children’s Hospital offers the most advanced treatments and surgical techniques available. Our sports medicine specialists are consistently rated among the best doctors in the country.

Rehabilitation services

Our goal is to help your child return to their favorite activities healthy and strong. Children’s Hospital offers a wide array of rehabilitation services for young athletes, like:

  • Physical therapy in a state-of-the-art gym
  • Occupational therapy
  • Bracing

Specialists also provide guidance about returning to activities safely and education about injury prevention.

Orthopedic and sports medicine specialists work with physical therapists and certified athletic trainers to develop long-term treatment and activity plans that are specifically tailored to each child.

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Baseline concussion tests

Children who play contact sports, like football, hockey and soccer, face a higher risk of getting a concussion. We offer baseline concussion tests to help improve concussion care.

Pre-participation physical examinations

Pre-participation physical examinations help ensure the health and safety of children as they participate in sports. Our sports medicine team does not perform these evaluations and highly recommends that your primary care physician performs this on a yearly to every other year time frame. If you need help choosing a primary care doctor for your child, Children’s Hospital has many primary care clinics throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Sports nutrition counseling services

The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Sports Medicine program offers sports nutrition counseling services at the Greenfield Clinic to help patients and families who have concerns and questions about diet, hydration, sports injury recovery, and overall healthy eating for performance. Learn more.