About the CPCP

The Wisconsin Child Psychiatry Consultation Program (CPCP) goal is to improve mental health care for children in the state of Wisconsin by establishing consultative support from child psychiatrists, child psychologists and social workers. Through education and consultation, primary care providers are able to offer timely, quality mental health care to children with mild to moderate mental and behavioral health concerns.


The goal of the CPCP is to improve mental health care for children and adolescents in the State of Wisconsin. We do this by educating the enrolled primary care providers regarding management of minor to moderate mental health issues that arise in their practices, as well as providing timely consultation with child psychiatrists, child psychologists and care coordination staff in order to equip the providers with better informed mental health care options.This allows children and adolescents to receive care for their mental health concerns on a more timely basis, by their provider in their medical home with the consultative support from a child and adolescent mental health team.


CPCP is a part of the National Network of Child Psychiatry Access Programs (NNCPAP) that promotes synergy and use of best practices within regional and state consultation programs. Through cross-program collaboration, we have ability to identify benefits of programs and address challenges and problems quickly. The network supports the “medical home” model, allowing the majority of care to be provided in the relatively low-cost primary care setting. The network encourages the reach of these programs to primary care practices throughout the country.