Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has 2 NICUs:

  • Our Milwaukee NICU is a state-of-the-art, Level IV, 69-bed unit, the only one in the state co-located with a birth center. We care for more than 700 infants with various health problems every year. We recently opened the first phase of our redesigned and expanded NICU. The second phase will be complete in 2016.
  • Our Neenah NICU is a Level III, 22-bed NICU unit. The staff provides critical care to premature and critically ill infants in Northeast Wisconsin.

NICU services

Our NICU offer many services to help you and your baby, such as:

  • Neonatologists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Breastfeeding assistance. Read about our breastfeeding services in Milwaukee and Neenah, WI. 
  • Speech and feeding teams to help infants learn to suck and eat properly
  • Occupational and physical therapy to assist with infants’ growth and development
  • CPR training
  • Assistance with financial or other concerns from social workers
  • Transport program, which brings babies from other medical centers to Children’s Hospital
  • Family computer and kitchen area
  • Private breast-pumping rooms
  • Specialized freezers for breast milk storage
  • Rooms that allow parents to practice caring for their baby before he or she goes home
  • Special pods for twins and triplets to allow families to stay together during care
  • Bed spaces specially designed to care for infants from admission to discharge

In addition, our NICU in Milwaukee offers:

  • Neonatal Developmental Follow-up Program, which tracks the growth and development of infants after they leave the hospital
  • In-unit pharmacy staffed by pharmacists who are specially trained in the unique needs of NICU babies
  • Fetal Concerns Center of Wisconsin to coordinate all the care a pregnant mother needs if she or her infant are at high risk or have a known problem