Patient stories

Watch these inspiring stories of patients cared for through our MACC Fund Center.

Ali's story

Ali and Annalisa are as much friends as they are sisters. And they rely on each other for quite a bit, including piano duets, dance offs and hair style tips. Their bond grew even stronger when Ali was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia shortly before her 13th birthday. Two years later, Ali is in remission and as active as ever, focusing on being the awesome big sister she was meant to be.

Christian's story

Christian Bass was just 9 months old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. "When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it's like a bomb going off in the room," said Bruce Camitta, MD. "Their world is crumbled." Through new treatments and protocols, survival rates are improving. Our MACC Fund Center helps families like Christian's through this hard time.