You've just been told your child has cancer or a blood disorder. You're feeling confused and scared. We understand. We'll work with you and take time to answer all of your questions. Place your trust in the cancer and blood disorders specialists in the MACC Fund Center, and you can be sure your child will get the best possible care.

What makes us different?

  • Your family is now a member of ours. Caring for a child with cancer can be stressful. Every day there’s another decision to be made. You’re not alone. We are partners in your child’s care and will work with you to develop treatment plans that meet all of his or her health care and personal needs.
  • We know kids deserve the best. The doctors and nurses in the MACC Fund Center constantly are studying the causes, treatments, side effects and long-term outcomes of cancer and blood disorders. Teams of specialists take problems from the bedside and clinic into the laboratory, and return with better treatments. This is how we can provide the most advanced and best care options.
  • Patient care and research go hand in hand. Our team members are national and international experts who are paving the way for new treatments and cures for cancer and blood disorders. We are the only children's hospital in the state, and 1 of just 21 top centers in the country to participate in the Phase I & Pilot Consortium of Children's Oncology Group, a National Cancer Institute-supported clinical trials group. We're partnering with other elite centers to help patients with some of the most difficult-to-cure types of cancer and blood disorders. You can be sure that we’re providing a level of care few others can match.

Support for survivors and their families

How will a diagnosis or treatment for childhood cancer or a blood disorder affect your child's health and well-being in the future? Learn more about our The Next Steps Program at Children's.

Join the Young Adult Oncology Group

Young adults who currently are receiving or have received cancer treatment may need special support. Learn more about the Young Adult Oncology Group.




Thank you Children’s Hospital for making my daughter feel like a star

Posted by Erin Dove on 11/14/2013

It was a once in a lifetime experience. A few weeks ago my daughters, Lily and Bailey, had the opportunity to participate in a video shoot for a Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin TV commercial — airing now through the holiday season. For my entire family, including big sister Maddie, it was a fun and … ...Continue reading →

How $10 million is changing the lives of kids with cancer and blood disorders

Posted by Marcio Malogolowkin, MD on 06/26/2013

Could $10 million change a life? Absolutely. It’s a lot of money. No question about it. It would change my life, and I know it would change yours too. Now think about all the kids battling cancer and blood disorders. Think about the stress and fear their parents and families … ...Continue reading →

Why I love our nurses at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Posted by Linda Topp on 03/13/2013

We have been touched by the kindness of so many nurses here at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin since my daughter, Cookie, was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2012. She had six rounds of chemo followed by a bone marrow transplant. We could not have gotten through it without the love … ...Continue reading →

Program highlights

Blood and Marrow Transplant Program 

Children’s Hospital is internationally recognized for its expertise in blood and marrow transplants for many different types of childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Hematology Program

We offer comprehensive services to treat children and adolescents with blood disorders.

Oncology Program 

Our specialists provide highly specialized treatment for a variety of childhood cancers.