How to give

Whether you make a donation, support an event or give your time, your investment in Children's Hospital is critical in helping us serve kids and families, making an impact across many lifetimes. Thank you for helping us provide the best to kids.

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Philanthropy is a meaningful act, and we strive to offer a wide variety of ways for our supporters to give. Whether through cash donations, estate gifts, corporate sponsorships, patronizing our retail partners, or getting involved in our fundraising events, any way you give in any amount is vital to helping the children and families we serve. We can also help you make the most of your gift through matching programs.

Thanks to our donors! We work hard to ensure your gift is carefully and thoughtfully used, following your wishes.

Help financially

Many of our supporters choose to give financially to Children's Hospital:

    Donate toys or other items

    Your donations can make a child’s experience at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin even better. A popular option is to donate new, unused toys, making our kids’ stays more comfortable, helping them heal. Learn more here.

    Help by volunteering

    Our volunteers tell us that their time with us is rewarding and meaningful. Some have said it's the highlight of their day or week. Volunteer opportunities include:

    Areas of interest

    When you invest in Children's Hospital, where exactly does your money go? When deciding how best to serve our kids, we surveyed the community to help us identify our priorities for investment. Our survey results helped us focus on two key initiatives:

    Excellence in care

    Our nation-leading programs in cancer and blood disorder care, genomics, neurosciences, newborn and fetal care and the Herma Heart Center.

    Community-based health

    Initiatives to care for children outside of our hospital providing neighborhood medical care, immunization awareness, child and family counseling, foster care and advocacy.

    Some of our supporters request that their gift go to a specific program, service or fund established in a child's name.