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Hospital volunteer opportunities

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's West Tower Entrance

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin volunteers donate time and talent to a variety of programs and departments. This is an overview of some of the areas we use volunteers. Placement is based on our needs, and on your abilities and availability. All volunteers are placed on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, call (414) 266-2180.

Therapy Dog Program

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin provides patients the opportunity to heal through our Therapy Dog Program. This program brings in dogs certified by Pet Partners or Therapy Dogs International to visit with patients on the inpatient units and in the clinics. We have a diverse fleet of therapy dogs who participate. Learn more about the certification requirements. Our teams offer educational, motivational and therapeutic benefits to our patients.

Video: Watch Maccabee visit our patients

Video: Watch Cheeto visit our patients

Want to see more of Cheeto? Of course you do! Now watch this video of Cheeto visiting children receiving care in our Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

Inpatient care

  • General medical/medical-surgical acute care
  • Critical care (cardiac and medical-surgical)
  • Hematology, oncology and immunology
  • Hematology, oncology and transplant
  • Neonatal intensive care (NICU)
  • Neonatal progressive care
  • Neurosciences and medical, epilepsy monitoring

Teen Lounge

The Teen Lounge located on West 12 has been created to allow hospitalized adolescents ages 12 and older opportunities for normalization, socialization and distraction. The opportunity to participate in a social experience allows hospitalized adolescents to explore feelings and cope with the physical, emotional and behavioral challenges associated with hospitalization.

Day Surgery

Day Surgery is an outpatient surgical unit that provides care before and after surgery, heart catheterizations, radiology procedures and radiation therapy. Although the majority of patients are discharged the day of their procedures, some are admitted to critical or acute care units.

Surgery waiting room

Families wait here while children are in surgery. Volunteers serve as a resource person for families, helping them find where to eat, restrooms, etc., and take family members to the recovery room to meet their child after surgery.

Emergency Room

The Emergency Room provides around-the-clock emergency care for children with all types of illnesses and injuries. The ER is the starting point for many of the inpatient admissions to Children’s Hospital.


Radiology offers services such as computed tomography (CT scan), EOS low-dose radiation, gastrointestinal studies, fluoroscopy, interventional radiology and procedures, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, PET scan, ultrasound, vascular examinations and X-ray.

Physical and occupational therapies

Volunteer opportunities are reserved for students studying physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Pediatric physical therapy uses approaches to treatment that are age appropriate. The goal of physical therapy is to promote normal development and independent functioning.

Welcome centers

Volunteers at Children’s Hospital welcome centers greet and direct patients, families and visitors. Welcome Center ambassadors help route people to their destinations.

Gift shop

The Children’s Hospital Gift Shop offers a wide variety of necessities and gifts that can help brighten someone’s day. With items for every age, volunteers help customize gifts and deliver the items directly to the patient. The gift shop is run by dedicated volunteers Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Learn more about our gift shop.

The Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center

The Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center offers parent-to-parent support, information and referrals, and helps connect families to community resources. Staff is trained to help children, young adults and family members find answers to questions about local resources, support groups, funding options and more. Learn more about the Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center.

Sibling Care

This program provides brothers and sisters (ages 2-12) of children receiving care at Children's Hospital and clinics with an opportunity for safe and supportive activities in a supervised environment. Sibling Care is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Expressive Therapies

The Expressive Therapies Program at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin helps patients and their families express their thoughts and emotions through art and music. The Program uses the creative process to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of patients and their families. Learn more about our Expressive Therapies Program.


Volunteers help Distribution department staff by delivering supplies, equipment, wheelchairs, paper-related items, gifts and mail.


Due to infection control, patient confidentiality and the extensive training and medical requirements for long-term and summer program volunteer placements, we are unable to accept volunteer groups through the Volunteer Services department. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation can facilitate group volunteer requests, most often related to events in the community.


If you are interested in providing entertainment for our patients and families, see our special entertainment visits page.

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