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Thank you!

20161214rockfinalWe don't take the support of our donors for granite.

At Children's Hospital of Wisconsin we rely on your donations to help us serve every child and family, and to let kids be kids - even when they're in the hospital. We are humbled by the incredible response to the Rocks for a Reason challenge, and by your commitment to support the kids we serve.

The Rocks for a Reason challenge ended on December 31 and raised over $127,000 from more than 1,060 donors in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Ontario! On top of that, Nordstrom pledged $50,000 bringing our total to $177,153.50!

Read our blog post and check out the infographic below for more about the amazing Rocks for a Reason journey and its impact.

We are unbelievably grateful to our community of supporters, and there are many ways you can stay connected with Children’s and continue to help: