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Guardian Society

Planned giving ensures future patients at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin continue to receive the best care. Our Guardian Society recognizes individuals who have made planned gift commitments. 

Planned giving & estate gifts

Planned giving ensures a secure future for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Many of our friends support us through their estate plans by naming Children's Hospital of Wisconsin as a beneficiary of a will, trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy, or by making a gift that returns income, such as a gift annuity. Planned gifts can provide financial benefits for you and your family while also helping the children in our community.

We are grateful to our Guardian Society members for their foresight and generosity in helping future generations.

Guardian Society

Anonymous (16)
Diane M. Abraham
Michael W. Abraham
Mary and Jeff Albrecht
Mrs. Joyce Altman
Dr. John and Elizabeth Altstadt
Gayle and Ward* Anderson
Diane and Thomas Arenberg
William and Marianne Arpe
Dr. Fredrick and Kay Austermann
James D. and Terry J. Baker
Roger W. and Theresa Barrette
Mary Ann Barton
Adam R. Bauman
Jean I. and Dennis H.* Bauman
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Bawden
Darcia D. Behrens
Jean E. and Donald* Beier
Mr. and Mrs. B. Alan Bendtsen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Berens
Richard and Gloria Bergman
Mrs. Terry A. Bergum
Jay R. Blankenship
Ms. Barbara A. Bombaci
Tommy Brauneis
Ms. Dianne E. Bridges
Robert M. Brown
Dan and Karen Buehrle
Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Busniewski
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Buss
Raymond Cabasos
Janet B. Cady
John R. Carey
Jane A Chevako, MD
James R. Christiansen
Thomas A. Christiansen
Patricia Clanton
Dr. Roger D. and Sue P. Cohen
Gerald E. and Elizabeth H. Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Crow
Gloster B. Current, Jr.
Ms. Sandy Czosnek
Bernard and Alyce Dahlin
Merry Damrow
Marc Daniloff
Dr. and Mrs. Larry B. Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly L. Diestler
Ed Dirkmann
Mr. Paul A. Donnelly
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Drury
Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Edler
Kelli and Dave Effinger
James M. Eisenman
Susan and Thomas* Ela
David and Patty Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fox
Ann Freudenthal
Mrs. Pat and Dr. Bill* Gallen
Ms. Suzanne Garr
Lora L. Gatzke
Tom and Nancy Gazzana
Jane F. Godfroy
Mrs. Ruth S. Gresham
Lois C. Gresl
Mr. Richard R. Grigg, Jr.
Mr. Barry A. Gruber
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hamacher
Suzanne C. Hansen
Joan J. and Leesley B.* Hardy
Ted and Jeanne Hasbrook
Ms. Nikki Hauck
Donald H. and Julie Heeg
Chad L. Hershner and Jeffrey Amstutz
Chuck Hildebrand
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hirt
Mary and Ray Hosmer
Laura Gille and John Howman
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. James
Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Jensen
Judethe K. Johnson
Paul W. and Patricia A. Jones
Edward J. and Anna M. Jost
Mary K. Kachoyeanos, EdD
Rosalie and Gerald* Kahn
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Kerschner
Maryanne and Al Kessel
Ms. Jeanine M. Kissinger
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kliegman
Carol A. Kling
Mr. and Mrs. Joel R. Klink
Paul and Brenda Klister Family
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kohn
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kraig
Mr. Bernard S. Kubale
Fred and Gae* Lach
Donna Laird
Ms. Rochelle Lamm
Joe Lemel
Rev. Leo R. Lessard
Nancy A. Lindenberg and Family
John M. Lutz
Mr. Donald R. Maciejewski
Dr. Karen J. and Mr. Anthony J. Marcdante
Scott A. Mayer
J. Michael and Virginia McBride
Mrs. Mary McCann
Kermit K. McGinnis in memory of Gloria J. McGinnis
Judy and John* D. McGourthy
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Meiers
Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Mercier
Jeremy and Savannah Merkel
Michelle I. Mettner
Daniel M. Micha Family
Deanna and Keith* Miller
Sheryl and Jim Miller
Wm. E. and Iris A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh E. Morris
Mr. and Ms. Dennis J. Mueller
Ms. Susan E. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. William Muir
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Muma
Margaret M.B. Nelson and Duane A. Nelson
Patty and John Noel
Patricia Obletz
Mr. Alan Ochalek
Christine A. Owsley
Ms. Donna M. Palkowski
Mrs. Charles W. Parker, Jr.
Mr. Mark T. Peddecord
Ms. Julie J. Pedretti
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pelz
Mary Beth and Holger Petersen
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Phillips
Judy A. Pocan
Mark S. and Mary Catherine* Poker
Dr. Larry and Bobbi Polacheck
Bruce and Karen Polzin
Ruth Rademacher and Thomas R. Hansen
Larry and Kathi Rambo
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Rand
Christopher Rebholz and Kelly Cleary-Rebholz
Mr. Michael J. Reiter
Mary Ann* and Greg Renz
Ms. Angela M. Rester
David and Ruth Rex
John and Sue Robinson
Janice and Howard* Rom
James G. Rosenbaum
Mrs. Kelly W. Sachse
Dr. Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes
Paul B. and Jennifer L. Sahy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Sampson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Sarver
Dick and Fritzie Sawasky
Stephen and Faye* Scheil
Harold E. Schiferl
Albert G. and Shirley A. Schmidt
Laverne and Walter* Schmidt
Carlile L. and Richard M. Schneider
Carrie and Kory Schneider
Margaret and James* W. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schulte
Dan Sherman
Joyce M. Shiels
Mark and Jennifer Shiller
Mark and Gessa Ship
Andrea Shrednick Davajan
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Sipress
Jim and Shirley Skarda
Kim R. and Louise A. Stack
Mr. David J. Stanosz
Rollie and Sue Stephenson
Jeff and Katie Stewart
David and Paula Strelitz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Struensee
Paul and Lisa Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Timberlake
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson A. Toner
Ron and Peggy Troy
Elizabeth A. Veenhuis
Jeffry D. Veenhuis
Paul Veldboom
Mr. and Mrs. Jon E. Vice
Richard and Marilyn Vitek
Ms. Pamela R. Vogt
Ms. Judy Wagner
Brian A. Warnecke
Steve and Sandra Watson
Debra L. Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Weisman
Dr. Steven and Mrs. Kristen Weisman
Ronald K. Wells, MD and Agnes A. Wells
Dave and Edie Werner
Ms. Patricia D. Westphal
Edwin P. and Barbara* Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilkiewicz
Barbara B. Wisniewski
Dennis R. Wisniewski
James T. Witzlib
Kenneth and Carolyn Zacharias
Glenn Zellmer
Nick and Jodi Zerillo
Thomas and Jennifer Zoeller
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Zore
Mary-Jo Zore


This Year's Legacy Award Winner

Albert and Shirley Schmidt

Albert and Shirley Schmidt have been generous supporters and advocates of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for 25 years. Driven by family history and a steadfast commitment to kids, Albert and Shirley have given to Children's in every way a donor possibly could. The passion the Schmidts have for helping kids is evident by the many areas at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin touched by their generosity. 

As longtime friends of the late Max McGee and his wife, Denise, they have supported endowed chairs and established a named fund in our Max McGee National Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes. The Schmidts have sponsored various fundraising events and have provided unrestricted support toward areas of greatest need. Shirley, an avid Disney fan, also enjoys shopping for Disney gifts and other wish list items for foster kids at our Children's Child Advocacy Centers. 

Through their many philanthropic investments, Albert and Shirley have advanced our comprehensive diabetes program, our work in behavioral health and child advocacy at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, and multiple other programs system wide. 

Albert and Shirley have ensured that their passion for children will continue well into the future by including a significant gift to Children's in their estate plan. It's abundantly clear that helping kids is at the very core of who Albert and Shirley are, and their legacy of giving extends through their lifetime and beyond.

Past Legacy Award Winners:


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