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Norma Hoeger
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Norma Hoeger, RN, BSN, LPC


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  • Overview
  • I enjoy providing therapy and counseling to individuals of all ages with special in children/adolescents ages 4-18.

    I have extensive experience working with children/adolescents with issues of abuse (physical, verbal, emotional and sexual), ADHD, anger management, anxiety, attachment, behavioral problems (home/school), depression, divorce, grief, mood disorders, poor peer relationships, poor self esteem, self harming behaviors and traumatic experiences.

    I work with children/adolescents to enhance their social skills, improve self esteem, to help them make better choices, to improve family interaction, to help them identify/express their feelings and to help them succeed at school and in the home.

    My focus is to build on a child’s strengths to help them learn strategies to best cope with their challenges. I strive to create a trusting and safe environment in which your child will feel comfortable expressing him/her self. I facilitate a child’s natural tendency toward creativity by communicating through art, talk, and play therapy. I use play therapy techniques to help the young child express what is bothering them when they don’t have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings.

    I believe in empowering parents to be able to take what is discovered in the child’s therapy and apply the learned techniques to improve the home/school environment. I view therapy as a collaborative process by strengthening parenting skills through on-going education and support. I use my nursing background to provide psycho-education and psychiatric medication education when needed. My diversity of life experiences contributes to my ability to empathize with your child’s story.

    I enjoy reading, playing pool, adult coloring, traveling especially visiting family in Georgia, Iowa and Ohio and watching the Brewers and Packers play. I also enjoy being a Mom and Grandma.

    Areas of interest

    • Psychiatry
    • pediatric behavioral health