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Patient appointments - Kathryn A Gradecki, MD

If you would prefer to have somebody call you, or you don't find any slots that work for you, please fill out our online form, or call us at (262) 781-3065.

What kind of appointment do you need?

Office visit

Your child has a cold, cough, fever, rash, wart, injury or a follow up to a hospital/emergency department visit.

Check up

Your child needs a well baby visit, or an annual, sports or camp physical.


You have a concern regarding ADHD, mental or behavioral health, headache, concussion, abdominal pain or asthma.

Measles shot

Your child is healthy and needs a measles shot. Schedule your child's measles shot at any of our primary care clinics.

If you aren't sure how serious your child's condition might be, please check out our symptom checker.

If you are very concerned about your child's condition, please consider bringing him/her to one of our urgent care locations or our emergency room.

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