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Expressive Therapy program


The Expressive Therapies team supports the cognitive, emotional, physical, mental health and social well-being of patients and families. Expressive therapies is the umbrella term for the team comprised of the art therapists, music therapist, dance/movement therapist, recreational therapist, and massage therapist.

Benefits of expressive therapies for patients and families

  • Enhance mood
  • Promote body awareness
  • Support for during grief/end of life
  • Non-pharmacological pain management
  • Therapeutic conversation

Visit our Patient Gallery to view our expressive therapies patients' creativity. 

Support Expressive Therapies 

You can support our expressive therapies program by making an online donation. Select Other in the gift designation field and type in Expressive Therapies

See our wish list for program supplies

National affiliations

To find out more information about each of the Expressive Therapy discipline (education requirements, related fieldwork, student resources, and requirements for Certification), please visit the corresponding discipline’s website:

Chat with an Expressive Therapist

Interested in a career in Expressive Therapies, but not sure where to start? Check out these available resources. 

1. If you are interested in gaining more experience working with children and families in a pediatric healthcare setting, please visit our Volunteer Services website for requirements and application information.

2. Due to patient confidentiality and infection control, we do not offer a Job Shadow experience with the Expressive Therapies program. We offer a “Chat with an Expressive Therapist” to high school seniors and college students who are actively working towards a career in one of the expressive therapy disciplines.

Undergraduate Expressive Arts practicum

We appreciate your patience as we enhance the undergraduate expressive arts practicum experience.

Please check back in the future for available opportunities.

Please contact with any questions. Thank you!

Graduate Art Therapy internship

We appreciate your interest in seeking internship placement at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

We are not seeking internship applications at this time. Please check back in the future for available opportunities. Thank you!
Please email with any questions or for more information. Thank you!
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