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Show your artwork

Would you like to exhibit your artwork in a gallery?

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Patient Gallery is looking for patient and family artwork or written stories to display.

Make some art! (Get busy, get creative! Whatcha waiting for?!?)

  • Create art about your hospital experience
  • What helps you when you are in the hospital?
  • Artwork can be a story you write or collaged words from a magazine
  • Paper size: no bigger than 11” x 17”
  • The gallery consists of 15 frames. You can make up to 15 pieces of art or be a part of a group show.
  • Remember to write your name on the back of your artwork
  • Your family members (parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, etc.) are welcome to make art, too!
  • You can even show artwork that you’ve already made
  • Visit the gallery—it’s located on the 2nd floor skywalk. Check it out!

Complete the Artist’s Statement

  • Tell us about you!
  • Write a sentence or two about your artwork

This part’s important (It’s a must!)

  • Your parent or guardian must complete a consent form
  • Our consent form is available in English and Spanish
  • For more information email: ExpressiveTherapies@chw.org
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