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Foster Care, Treatment Foster Care and Respite Foster Care information session

Foster care

Provides a temporary family and home for a child until they can be safely reunited with their biological family.

Treatment foster care

Provides a temporary family and home for children with elevated emotional, behavioral, physical or medical challenges. 

Respite foster care

Provides temporary child care for our foster parents. 

Due to the sensitive content covered during the meeting, we ask that only adults attend. We are unable to provide childcare during the sessions.

Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to cancel a meeting. If we cancel, we make every effort to contact those registered.

Outside of South Eastern Region: You can contact the local Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services/Treatment Foster Care office in that area to inquire about a local information session. Please call us if you need assistance at (414) KID-HERO or (414) 543-4376.


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