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Large family
Patient Stories Nov 22, 2019

Kid Hero: Always room for one more

Samantha and Cameron Lins Foster and Adoptive Parents

Adoption is love and heartbreak simultaneously occurring in the same exact moment. Adoption is both a loss and a gain, but most importantly, adoption is, “For all future time; for always.”

Woman feeding her baby at Children
Patient Stories Nov 21, 2019

How babies at the Children’s Wisconsin NICU get personalized milk every day

Katie Lott Writer

Thanks to our state-of-the-art milk kitchen, babies get individualized doses of breast milk — mixed, fortified and designed specifically for their unique needs and delivered to their bedside.

Jennifer Schreiber, MD, Children
Patient Stories Sep 26, 2019

The scariest day of my career

Jennifer Schreiber, MD Pediatrician

I feared that this normally healthy, active girl who I had cared for her entire life might stop breathing right in front of me.

Dr. Samantha Wilson consults with child and family specialist Bonnie Friese in her classroom at Waukesha Country Head Start and Early Head Start.
Patient Stories Sep 11, 2019

Building healthy brains through early childhood mental health

Nicole Sweeney Etter Writer

Because a child’s first five years are a critical period of development, Children’s Wisconsin recently launched an Early Childhood Mental Health Program.