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Videos Oct 10, 2019

The Therapist Fellowship Program is helping train future therapists

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Our new Therapist Fellowship Program helps therapists get licensed faster so they can serve children and families.

Dr. Samantha Wilson consults with child and family specialist Bonnie Friese in her classroom at Waukesha Country Head Start and Early Head Start.
Patient Stories Sep 11, 2019

Building healthy brains through early childhood mental health

Nicole Sweeney Etter Writer

Because a child’s first five years are a critical period of development, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin recently launched an Early Childhood Mental Health Program.

Takiya school-based mental health
Videos Aug 29, 2019

Takiya's story: School-based mental health program

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Our school-based mental health program has helped Takiya grow and thrive.

Derell with his mom, Etta, and Dr. Nick Young
News Jul 16, 2019

Milwaukee’s youngest champion for mental and behavioral health for kids

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Media Relations