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Prevent slips, trips and falls – Wear proper shoes

The shoes you wear can play a big part in preventing slip, trips and falls. Wearing well-fitting, supportive footwear with good traction can provide stability to keep you upright. Sliptripfall_231x231_r1

Follow these guidelines to reduce your risk of slipping, tripping or falling:

  • Look after your feet – If you have any foot pain, see your doctor or podiatrist. Maintain foot hygiene by keeping your toenails cut short and preventing or treating foot corns/calluses, bunions and ulcers.
  • Wear safe footwear – When choosing footwear consider wearing shoes that:
    • Fit snugly - avoid loose fitting slip-ons and flip-flops. Laces or Velcro fasteners are good choices as they allow you to adjust the shoe to your feet.
    • Have a lot of contact with the ground - avoid high and narrow heels. The sole of your footwear should have a good grip. During winter, wear boots that have good traction on ice and snow.

If you have questions about slip, trip and fall preventions and/or appropriate footwear in the workplace, contact Employee Health and Wellness at (414) 266-2190. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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