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Get the most out of your performance review

With performance reviews starting in October, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your performance over the past year and identify the unique talents you bring to your job. As part of that effort, all staff members are required to complete a self-assessment form. To make the most of the review process, try to get your completed self-assessment form to your leader before your performance review.

In addition to challenging you to reflect on the past year’s performance, self-assessment helps you:

  • Prepare for your upcoming review meeting
  • Record your contributions to remind your leader what you see as important in your work
  • List achievements in a place where it doesn’t feel like bragging
  • Identify areas where you want your leader’s help to grow or improve
  • Approach difficult topics you want to discuss with your leader
  • Prepare for the end-of-year review conversation
  • Participate actively in your professional growth

What is your role?

All employees who were hired or promoted prior to July 1, 2015 are required to complete a self-assessment and return it to their leader. Ask your leader when your assessment is due, and be sure to find out when your review meeting will be held. By Friday, Dec. 11, all staff members are required to complete their review and verify with Employee Self Services that the review has occurred.

New employees hired or promoted on or after Jul. 1 will not complete a self-assessment as part of the annual performance review. Instead, they will complete a self-assessment as part of their introductory review.

Here are some tools to help you prepare for your review:




  • “Making the Most of Your Performance Review” is a 10-minute training module. Search “performance review” in Children’s University to view.


  • By Dec. 11, 2015, make sure you complete and verify in Employee Self Service your performance review meeting happened. Ask your leader when your self-assessment is due.

If you have further questions about Children’s performance review process, please contact your leader or Human Resources consultant. Let’s make this year’s review process a success!

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