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External disaster drill planned for Sunday, Oct. 4

Children’s Hospital’s Milwaukee campus will participate in an external disaster drill with our Milwaukee Regional Medical Center partners, local emergency first responding agencies and Wisconsin Lutheran College this Sunday, Oct. 4.

The drill is scheduled to begin shortly after 9 a.m. and will physically take place at Froedtert and Wisconsin Lutheran College where a significant number of emergency vehicles will be present.

Children’s will use this opportunity to drill our overhead announcement for an outside threat. The announcement will indicate it is part of a drill and hospital staff should be prepared to ensure patient families and guests that there is no outside threat.

Although staff is not expected to respond to the announcement and patient care will not be disrupted, departments should encourage their staff to review the procedures they should follow if an outside threat occurred on campus. This policy is available on the intranet.

Staff assignments at Children’s will not be adjusted and off-duty staff are not required to report to the hospital for the drill. Individuals with roles for the exercise were notified individually.

This exercise is part of an ongoing effort by Children’s and MRMC organizations to improve our abilities to serve the needs of our community in the event of a disaster. The exercise on Sunday will be the first drill to test a Joint Information Center to help coordinate communication between MRMC organizations.

In the event of a real emergency, information about how hospital staff should respond to a situation is available on the intranet. A quick link is located on the intranet’s homepage on the left-hand navigation just above the census information.

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