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Human Research Protection Program

Human Research Protection Program

The conduct of research at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is deeply connected to the institution’s mission of CARE:

• Caregiving - Offering some of the nation's best medical care
• Advocacy – speaking up and protection children
• Research – finding cures to the illnesses that affect children
• Education – Sharing what we learn and teaching others to care for kids
Human Subject Protection is a system of ethical principles, federal and state laws, local institutional policies, Federal and state oversight agencies, institutional safety committees, and institutional departments, all working together to safeguard the rights and welfare of humans participating in research.  The Human Research Protection Program is committed to protecting human subjects participating in research at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. This is done by ensuring research conducted at our institution: 
  • protects the rights and welfare of subjects in human research
  • is guided by the ethical principles of the Belmont Report 
    • Respect for persons
    • Beneficence
    • Justice
  • is conducted with the highest level of expertise and integrity
  • complies with applicable laws and institutional policy

Institutional Review Boards (sometimes called "ethics boards") are an essential component in the system of Human Research Protection. The IRB is an ethical oversight committee that reviews initial and ongoing research. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected during their participation in research. Before approving research, the IRB must consider whether ethical principles and applicable laws regarding the protection of human subjects are adequately applied in specific research projects. They scrutinize each proposed research study and revision to existing studies to ensure that:

  • research methods are ethical
  • patients' rights are protected
  • patients' give adequate informed consent for their participation 
  • any possible benefits are commensurate with the risks involved
  • researchers maximize the safety of subjects once they are enrolled in a study

The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Institutional Review Board (CHW IRB) is made up of two committees, each meeting once a month. These boards are diverse in their membership, made up of physicians and scientists from a variety of specialty areas, non-scientists and community representatives.

Children's Hospital IRB Federal Wide Assurances: Federal Wide Assurance Number: FWA#00001809


The Federal Policy (Common Rule) for the protection of human subjects Section 103(a) requires that each institution engaged in federally supported human subject research file an Assurance of Protection for Human Subjects. The Assurance documents the commitment of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to protect human subjects.

Registration Numbers

  • Children’s Hosp of Wisconsin IRB #1: IRB00002082
  • Children’s Hosp of Wisconsin IRB #2: IRB00006080
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a final rule in the Federal Register (Vol. 74, No. 10, 1/15/09) that required institutional review boards (IRBs) to register through a system maintained by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The CHW IRBs are in compliance with this requirement. 

Mailing address for the IRB/HRPP

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin HRPP/Institutional Review Board
Children’s Corporate Center
999 North 92nd Street, Suite #120
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Phone: (414) 337-7705

Research resources and tools

Human Research Protection Program administrative staff

Elizabeth Bedwell
Vice president Research Administration
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Children’s Research Institute
Lori Roesch, CIM, CIP
Research Integrity Manager
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Children's Research Institute
(414) 337-7705
Sue Ahlf, BS
IRB Analyst
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Children's Research Institute
(414) 337-7811

Cassandra Baumgart, MS, MLS, CCRP
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Children's Research Institute
(414) 337-1174

Michelle Martin, CCRP
Research Quality & Education Coordinator
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Children’s Research Institute
(414) 266-7454

Angela Navarrete-Opazo, MD, PhD
IRB Analyst
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Children's Research Institute
(414) 266-2986

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