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Breastfeeding has benefits for both mother and baby, but sometimes it can be frustrating. Breastfeeding is a new skill your baby is learning and this may require additional time, patience and assistance. If your baby has health concerns, breastfeeding can be even more difficult. But most breastfeeding difficulties can be overcome with a little help.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Neenah, WI, has certified lactation consultants who offer support to breastfeeding mothers and their babies and help provide a positive and successful breastfeeding experience.

Our staff also helps mothers who express their milk (remove milk from their breasts). Sometimes, hospitalized babies are fed through a tube or bottle because they are not able to breastfeed. We offer mothers of hospitalized infants the use of a breast pump so the baby can have the benefits of breast milk until they are capable of nursing.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Neenah offers private breast pumping rooms, specialized freezers for milk storage, speech and feeding teams to help infants learn to suck and eat properly and breastfeeding assistance from our lactation consultants. 


Our lactation consultants

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Neenah we have several certified lactation counselors on staff as well as two speech/language pathologists who can help both mom and baby. Our certified lactation consultants have additional hours of lactation education and numerous hours of supervised clinical experience with breastfeeding mothers and babies.

To request help from a lactation consultant, talk to your baby’s nurse.

Moms and Milk Club

Every Thursday morning (except holidays) from 10-11 a.m. in the 3rd floor NICU lobby, our lactation consultants hold a Moms and Milk Club support group for breastfeeding mothers. Occasionally, sessions are cancelled due to weather conditions or a viral outbreak in the community. Please call ahead at (920) 969-7990 to confirm that the meeting will be held.

Breastfeeding and lactation resources

Resources from Dr Jane Morton, Stanford University School of Medicine
Additional resources
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Contact us

For more information or to request breastfeeding support from our lactation team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, call:

(414) 266-1757

For more information or to request breastfeeding support from our lactation team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Neenah, call:

(920) 969-7990