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Project ADAM Heart Safe Schools

Michael’s story: Surviving sudden cardiac arrest on the basketball court

Watch this video to learn how 16-year-old Michael Saxby survived the unimaginable, and how things could have turned out very differently had the school and staff been unprepared.


Project ADAM Heart Safe Schools is a designation awarded to schools who have implemented a sustainable and comprehensive CPR and AED program.

What is the need?

According to the American Heart Association, the incidence of EMS-assessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is 326,200 with an average survival rate of 10.6% (American Heart Association Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2015 Update). Approximately 20 percent of a community is in its schools on any given day, including students, teachers, staff and family members. A focused effort on cardiac arrest preparedness in schools is critical to protecting our children and others in the school community.

What does it mean to be a Heart Safe School?

  1. Ensuring AEDs are available and accessible.
  2. Having a written plan and team of CPR/AED-trained staff ready to act in an emergency.
  3. Conducting cardiac emergency response practice drills.

What are the benefits?

  • Being prepared to appropriately respond to sudden cardiac arrest on campus, increasing the potential to save the life of a student, staff member, or visitor.
  • Uniting with other Wisconsin schools to prepare for cardiac emergencies and increase survivability of sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Receiving recognition for your life saving efforts with a Heart Safe School Designation, a framed certificate and your school being listed on our website under the tab “School Map.”
  • Heart Safe Schools receive a letter to the Superintendant.
  • The opportunity to provide information about any sudden cardiac arrest event at your school so that it can be entered into a national database. This enables your program to be contributory to statewide and national research on prevention of sudden cardiac death.

How to become a Designated Heart Safe School:

Promote your Project ADAM Heart Safe School Designation:

Get the word out!  Being prepared for a sudden cardiac emergency is an amazing accomplishment that you should share with your community. Use our resources to do the following:

  • Send a Press Release about your Heart Safe School Designation.
  • Send a Letter to your students and families notifying them of your CPR/AED program and Heart Safe School Designation.

Plan an assembly, health fair or event to teach kids and families Bystander CPR and how to use an AED.


Visit our Site coordinator training page for more information or to sign up for training.

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