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If your child was born with heart disease or a heart defect, consider getting a second opinion from the experts at the Herma Heart Institute at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. A second opinion from our doctors can confirm the original diagnosis, giving you added confidence and peace of mind. In some cases, we may be provide new information or a different perspective about the diagnosis. Even if treatment has already started, a second opinion can help guide any change in your child’s care.

Have questions on what it means to get a second opinion? Visit our frequently asked questions beneath the form for more information. 

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Simply fill out the form below or call (855) 331-6300 to request a second opinion.

Second Opinion FAQs 

Below are some frequently asked questions about the second opinion process. Please note that the answers are not all-inclusive and may not be applicable for international requests. 

What can I expect from a second opinion?

After submitting a second opinion request, you can typically expect to receive a call from our team within 24 hours (excluding weekends). At that time, a member of our team will make contact with you and let you know the next steps. 

You may be asked some follow-up questions to help collect the necessary details, records and paperwork from your current clinical care team.

Once we’ve received all the necessary information, a member of our team will get back to you with a formal second opinion. Our team will maintain close contact with you during the entire request period – we encourage families to partner with us to ensure clinical information is being sent in a timely manner, so that we can provide our second opinion as soon as possible.  

Who can request a second opinion?

We welcome requests from anywhere in the U.S. and from around the world regarding pediatric heart care or adult congenital heart disease care. This request can come from a parent, family member, or referring physician that can provide medical history on the patient. 

When can I request a second opinion?

At any point in your care plan. Even if treatment has already started, a second opinion can help guide changes in care. 

Do I need to have anything prepared before requesting a second opinion?

To begin the second opinion process, we only need the information that’s listed in the request form. When we connect with you, we may ask for insurance information for any billing needs. 

Since all health records are obtained directly from your primary or referring care team, it is not required for you to provide those documents. 

Is there a charge for a second opinion? 

The Herma Heart Institute does not charge for a virtual second opinion. If the family decides to have an official appointment, the costs will be determined and communicated to you prior to scheduling. If your insurance does not cover, we will provide an estimate for services.

Will further testing (echocardiograms, ultrasounds, etc.) be required for the second opinion?

More often than not, our team only needs access to past records, test results and imaging scans. Our team will work closely with your current care team to acquire all the necessary information.

Sometimes we need updated tests or more clear images. If we do require more tests or images to deliver our opinion, we will connect with you to discuss the next steps needed to coordinate these tests at your local hospital, or to conduct these tests at our hospital (if preferred).  

Will my primary cardiologist be offended that I’m requesting a second opinion?

Any quality care team would want their families to feel comfortable with the care decisions they are making. Doctors often will welcome and encourage their peers’ opinions about a case. 

Ultimately, it is your right to understand the specifics of your case and your options for treatment and management. We hope that a second opinion helps you feel more confident and empowered in your care decisions.  

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