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When should I arrive?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork before meeting with our Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Care Program team.

How long will my appointment last?

If you have not been evaluated by a gastroenterologist, you will come in for a one hour appointment to establish care. If you have been referred or have established care with a gastroenterologist, your child will be scheduled for an initial visit with the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Care Program team. This team includes a physician, a behavioral psychologist, a registered dietitian, a speech-language pathologist and a nurse. This appointment will last approximately two hours.

What does a follow-up appointment look like?

Follow-up appointments are dependent on the outcome of the initial assessment by the team. Based on the child's individual needs, a combination of providers may be included in follow-up appointments. A recommendation and instructions for follow-up appointments will be provided after the initial assessment by the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Care Program team.

What are the next steps after this appointment?

At the end of the initial appointment, the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Care Program team will put together a plan of care and next steps for your child. This will include a recommendation on follow-up appointments; timing, frequency and with which providers.

Where does the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Care team see patients for appointments?

Feeding patients are seen at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin's Clinics building on the 7th floor inside the Gastroenterology, Liver and Nutrition Program clinic. For additional directions, please visit this page.

Do other Children's Hospital of Wisconsin clinic locations offer feeding services?

At this time, the feeding clinic is at the Milwaukee clinics location only.

What is the process of getting an appointment with feeding team?

To get an appointment with the feeding team, a family can self-refer to the program or a physician can refer a child to the team. Once a referral is received, the team will do an initial review to ensure that the child is appropriate to be seen by the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutrition Care Program. The family will be asked to complete a comprehensive packet that answers questions about medical history, feeding history, food preferences, and meal time practices. Once the packet is completed and sent back, the team will review and follow-up to schedule an initial appointment.

How long is the wait for an appointment?

The Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Care Program is a multidisciplinary team with a high demand for assessment and ongoing care for both local patients and children nationwide. Therefore, the current wait time for a new patient is approximately 4-6 months.

What goes on during these appointments?

During your initial appointment, the multi-disciplinary team will ask questions and observe the patient to develop an initial assessment of the patient's current nutrition intake, eating habits, skills and behaviors. The team will then debrief with the family to develop goals and a plan for next steps. The team will continue to monitor how the child is progressing during each follow-up appointment and will discuss the plan with the family and make revisions as necessary to ensure that the child is working towards their goals.

Will my insurance cover care provided by the Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Care Program?

It is important for a family to check with their insurance provider to see what services are covered by their insurance. Here's a list of insurance companies that cover Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.
*Please note that not all services provided may be covered and that's why it's important to have a conversation with your insurance provider.

How often will my child have to return for appointments?

All appointments are individualized to your child's needs, so appointments can vary.
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