Diagnostic accuracy for appendicitis

Quality and Outcomes Reports - Emergency Medicine

Why we measure it - Appendicitis can be a difficult diagnosis to make in children. Patient outcomes are improved by earlier diagnoses and quicker treatment.

Diagnostic accuracy for appendicitis

What this means - Our specialists have developed techniques to diagnose appendicitis accurately during the initial visit to the Emergency Department. The frequency of our patients requiring a second visit to the ED is less than the national average of 8 percent (Reynolds et al).

About the data - The graph reflects the percent of appendectomy patients who had an Emergency Department visit for abdominal pain within the prior 72 hours of current admission.

Related dimensions of care:

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How we provide the best care

  • Our doctors and nurses work together and with other specialists to deliver accurate and timely care for patients with an appendicitis diagnosis. These guidelines have helped us to reduce time to final diagnosis and reduce the length of stay after an appendicitis diagnosis has been made.

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