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PHACE Syndrome handbook

A Guide for Parents and Physicians

Editors: Yvonne Chiu, MD, Beth Drolet, MD, Stephen Humphrey, MD, Dawn Siegel, MD, Nicole Stefanko, BA, BS

For more information on PHACE syndrome care, research, and community, visit our registry website.

Table of Contents

Contributing authors, contact information, and acknowledgements 

Chapter 1: Introduction to PHACE Syndrome

Chapter 2: Infantile Hemangiomas

Chapter 3: Abnormalities of the Head and Neck Arteries (Cerebrovascular Abnormalities)

Chapter 4: Structural Brain Abnormalities

Chapter 5: Neurologic Abnormalities

Chapter 6: Congenital Heart Abnormalities and Abnormalities of the Arch of the Aorta

Chapter 7: Eye Abnormalities

Chapter 8: Ventral or Midline Abnormalities

Chapter 9: Airway Compression

Chapter 10: Endocrine Abnormalities

Chapter 11: Auditory Abnormalities

Chapter 12: Intracranial Hemangiomas

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