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Videos & Resources

G-tube videos and resources

Videos about G-tubes, also called feeding tubes, are available to help you care for your child at home. 

Taking care of a G-tube, click on your child's type of tube

  • Button tube
  • PEG tube
  • Pezzer tube
  • Changing a tube

CVAD videos

  • Overview
  • CVAD Hand Cleaning
  • CVAD Bathing and Oral care
  • CVAD Work Area
  • CVAD Supplies
  • CVAD Scrub the Hub
  • CVAD Steps for giving Medicine
  • CVAD Using SASH
  • CVAD Capping the CVAD
  • CVAD disposing used supplies
  • CVAD What to Look for
  • CVAD Securing the Line
  • CVAD Cap Change
  • CVAD Travel Kit
  • CVAD Emergency Kit

Preparing for Surgery

We want you to feel ready for your child's surgery. Watch these videos about: 

  • What to expect at the Milwaukee Campus hospital
  • What to expect at the Surgicenter

To hear from one of our kids of what to expect the day of surgery:

  • Watch video in English
  • Watch video in Spanish 



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