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Mission: Healthy Kids

Mission: Healthy Kids

Mission: Healthy Kids

Mission: Healthy Kids

Helping kids eat right and stay active

Mission: Healthy Kids, a partnership of Kohl’s Cares and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, raises awareness about the impact of nutrition and physical activity on children’s physical development, ability to learn and emotional well-being. The program promotes policy, systems, and environmental changes in schools that improve health and offers resources for students, parents and educators to help kids eat right and stay active.

  For educators

 Free resources, including information on Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin's e-learning courses and details and support for the Wisconsin School Health Award.

 For families

Free resources for families to learn about nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness in a fun and interactive way.

In partnership with

Kohl's Cares

Healthy schools challenge
3-2-1-0 blast off

3-2-1-0 blast off to a healthier you

3-2-1-0 is a helpful tool for schools and families to implement with kids to help them live their healthiest life. Making small changes can have a big impact, and these changes work best when everyone gets involved. Download and share the PDF

making news

On a mission to spread the word about health

Mission: Healthy Kids is making news about nutrition and physical activity. Watch and read news stories and download seasonal and topical resources to share. Learn more.  

take 5 mindfulness

Mindfulness resources

The use of mindfulness practices for kids can contribute to: improved focus and attention; decreased stress and anxiety; increased feelings of kindness; increased ability to manage emotions. Learn more.

WI school health award

Wisconsin School health award

Mission: Healthy Kids is partnering with Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to provide support to school interested in earning this award. Learn more.