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Child Abuse Prevention Fund Home Visitation Outcomes Project

Organizations that are a part of the Outcomes Project are dedicated to preventing intentional and unintentional injury, improving family function, and promoting child health and development.

The Outcomes Project is built on the hypothesis that by using an outcome measurement framework, common data can measure the impact of home visitation on promoting positive results for families and children. Using research-based, scientifically proven screening tools that have reliable measures, programs have data to collectively measure the impact on individual families. Home visitation programs also have comparative data to determine program quality and plan program improvements.

Through the Outcomes Project, a cutting-edge, nationally recognized measurement framework for the field of home visitation was designed and implemented in Wisconsin. The evaluation framework has five key outcomes that reflect expected results from the field of home visitation and are based upon best practice principles. Indicators are linked to each of the five outcomes and are measurable across a variety of evidence-based program models.

Final report on Improving Home Visiting performance

It’s been an exciting 15 years for us advancing home visiting quality through a grass-roots effort to improve home visiting practice in Wisconsin. As we are now at the sunset of our work together in the Early Years Home Visitation Outcomes Project of WI (Outcomes Project), we’d like to share a summary of the work we’ve done together.

We are gratified by the sheer number of families reached by home visiting programs participating in the Outcomes Project. Key findings include:

  • Participating home visiting programs worked with over 7,700 clients
  • Home visiting programs collectively completed over 26,000 developmental screenings, 7,500 home safety assessments, and more than 17,000 infant and child health assessments

We are delighted to acknowledge the work of the Outcomes Project and the significant contributions it has made to the field of home visiting. We far exceeded our initial goals both in terms of contributions and longevity.

Download the 2016 Final Report

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