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Giving antibiotics before surgery

Effective care

Why we measure it - Infections after surgery can cause pain, longer hospital stays and other problems. Giving antibiotics before some surgeries can help prevent infections.


What this means - For surgeries where antibiotics should be given, the goal is to give them in the hour before surgery. We measure if antibiotics were given on time. We also measure that this was recorded in the patient's medical record. The graph shows our staff did these things an average of 99 percent of the time during the months shown.

About the data - The data is the percent of times antibiotics were given and recorded correctly in the medical record.

How we provide the best care

  • We teach our doctors and other staff how important it is to give antibiotics before certain surgeries to prevent infections.
  • We collect and report this information daily to our operating room staff. When antibiotics were given late or not recorded correctly, the chief doctors talk to the staff caring for the patient within 24 hours.
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