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Children’s Community Health Plan exceeds Pay-for-Performance Measures

June 22, 2015

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recently released the results of the 2013 Pay-for-Performance (P4P) program, which it offers to health plans that serve the BadgerCare Plus program. Children’s Community Health Plan (CCHP) is proud to announce that its results met or exceeded performance measure goals defined by the Department for BadgerCare Plus members in southeastern Wisconsin.

The 2013 P4P program in southeastern Wisconsin included 20 quality-based measures, each of which includes withholding a percentage of the capitation payments made to participating health plans. This withhold can be earned back by the health plans based on their performance relative to the quality-based measures. The focus of these quality-based measures included asthma, diabetes, childhood immunizations, blood lead testing, tobacco cessation, emergency room utilization, and dental access for children and adults. Of the 20 measures tracked by the state, CCHP exceeded its goal for 19 of them. For example, 80% of CCHP’s members in Milwaukee were fully immunized by their second birthday, which exceeded the Department of Health Services’ goal of 70.7%.

According to Mark Rakowski, CCHP vice president, “Our results are a reflection of the efforts we make to connect with and engage our members and our providers. We understand that in order to improve the health of the families covered by BadgerCare [Plus], we need to not only offer a comprehensive network of providers, but also educate our members to advocate for themselves, and to address the other social issues that they are dealing with that impact their health.”

About Children's Community Health Plan
Children’s Community Health Plan, a member of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, is an HMO dedicated to providing access to the highest-quality health care and services to individuals of all ages covered by the BadgerCare Plus program. With the combined resources of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Children’s Community Services, Children’s Medical Group and community partners, CCHP is committed to improving the medical and social well-being of its members and the community.
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