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Donald Driver visits Riverside Elementary School in Fond du Lac

May 29, 2015

Donald DriverDriven to Better Health partnership with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin challenges kids and families to improve health.

Green Bay Packers’ all-time leading receiver, “Dancing with the Stars” champion and four-time children’s book author Donald Driver made a personal visit to the students at Riverside Elementary School in Fond du Lac, Wis., Friday, May 29, to congratulate them for winning the 2015 Driven to Better Health school challenge.

Driver has teamed up with Children’s Hospital to establish Driven to Better Health, a school-and family-based wellness partnership for Wisconsin children and families.

Riverside Elementary implemented Driven to Better Health school-wide with all 255 students involved in both nutrition and physical activities. They created a student wellness team to make sure the student voice was well represented and they helped plan weekly challenges for students. They created 14 very sustainable activities through the year such as Walking Wednesdays, taste test days (which led to them adding baked white fish to their school menu) and a healthy question of the day.

"We feel so fortunate to win the Donald Driver Fitness Challenge." said Tim Schipper, principal at Riverside Elementary School. "We are ecstatic to have such a phenomenal opportunity to share in celebration with our entire Riverside Rocket Learning Community!  Our students, families, and staff set a goal to earn this incentive to increase our overall health and wellness, and we achieved it together.”

One hundred and fifty elementary and middle schools throughout Wisconsin participated in Driven to Better Health implementing physical activity and healthy nutrition activities for their school community. Six finalists were chosen. 

Donald DriverDonald Driver inspired and motivated participants along the way sharing personal healthy recipes, work-out videos, monthly recorded all-school announcements, and encouraging words via social media. He shared this video message to kick off the partnership.  

 “The dedication the kids at Riverside showed to making sustainable, healthy changes is what Driven to Better Health is all about,” Driver said. “Children’s Hospital and I want Wisconsin’s kids to be the healthiest in the nation and all of our Driven to Better Health schools took a huge step in making that a reality.”

“Keeping kids healthy means focusing on prevention and Children’s Hospital is thrilled to have Donald Driver’s support and enthusiasm. We know that lasting personal and physical change comes about when we all work together to create healthy communities and schools,” said Bridget Clementi, executive director, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Health and Education. “Driven to Better Health is a way for us to encourage healthy habits and increase physical activity. It’s not just about kids health, but healthy families, too.”

"Riverside exemplifies health and wellness while creating an atmosphere of a coordinated school approach," said Eileen Hare, Health Education, Physical Education and Activity, Coordinated School Health Consultant for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. "The Driven to Better Health Program created revitalization, new ideas, community partnerships and constant energy towards best physical activity and nutrition practices that will be a role model for the state for years to come.”

Next month, Children’s Hospital and Driver will kick off a family challenge, and Driver will visit one lucky family in their home for demonstrating improved nutrition, physical education, and physical activity. The program is another step Children’s is taking toward their vision of making the kids of Wisconsin the healthiest in the nation, and it’s another way Driver is working to instill healthy habits in today’s youth. Information about how schools and families can participate is available at  

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