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Spring-cleaning checklist for a home free from falls

March 11, 2015

GSnHLogoFalls are the second leading type of unintentional injury to kids in the home. In 2010, unintentional falls resulted in nearly 3 million injuries requiring treatment in an emergency room. In the home, clutter and mess can build up and lead to serious injuries should a child trip and fall. The Kohl’s Cares Grow Safe & Healthy Program created a spring-cleaning checklist to help make the home a safer place for the whole family.

Messy bedrooms are a often a battle ground between parent and child.
  • Parents should throw away toys that are broken and give away toys that get little use.
  • With the help of the child, parents should develop a system for storing clothing and toys that is easy for the child to stick with.
  • Baskets and bins are a simple way to keep belongings organized and off the floor. A clear floor significantly reduces the risk of trips and falls.

Video games, television and computers are popular ways kids pass the time when bad weather strikes, but cords and cables can be a major tripping hazard.

  • Secure wires and cords along the wall if possible.
  • When a cord cannot be near a wall, secure it with a cable cover.
  • Have a place for kids to stash the controllers and accessories when game time is done.

Common areas of the home tend to accumulate clutter quickly.
  • Tidy living rooms, hallways and stairways daily to ensure they are free of potential tripping hazards.
  • Create a designated area for shoes, coats and backpacks. Have children put their belongings in this space right when they walk through the door.
  • Lead by example! Parents should not leave laundry baskets at the bottom of the stairs or laptop cords stretched across the room. A child is far more likely to listen when they are told not to leave their belongings lying around if their parents do the same.
The Kohl’s Cares Grow Safe & Healthy Program
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Kohl’s Cares® share the mission of keeping kids in our community safe, healthy and injury free. That’s why, together, they developed Kohl’s Cares Grow Safe & Healthy, a community injury prevention program that provides a trusted educational resource for safety in the home, outdoors and on the go. The program includes an informative Website, a popular game app for kids called Keep Spriggy Safe — available on iTunes or Google Play, and a Mobile Tour Unit that facilitates injury prevention outreach and education at community events. For more information, visit

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is the region’s only independent health care system dedicated solely to the health and well-being of children. The hospital, with locations in Milwaukee and Neenah, Wis., is recognized as one of the leading pediatric health care centers in the United States. It is ranked No. 4 in the nation by Parents magazine and ranked in all 10 specialty areas in U.S. News & World Report’s 2014-15 Best Children’s Hospitals report. Children’s provides primary care, specialty care, urgent care, emergency care, community health services, foster and adoption services, child and family counseling, child advocacy services and family resource centers. In 2012, Children’s invested more than $117 million in the community to improve the health status of children through medical care, advocacy, education and pediatric medical research. Children’s achieves its mission in part through donations from individuals, corporations and foundations and is proud to be a member of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. For more information, visit the website at
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