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  • If you have a bill from Children's Hospital of Wisconsin:

  • Call to get help with your bill

    For questions about your bill from Children's, call (414) 266-6262 or toll-free (888) 449-4998.

    For questions about your bill from the Medical College of Wisconsin, call (414) 456-4511 or toll-free (800) 242-1649.


Avaya getting flu shot with nurse

The day that changed my view of the flu vaccine

January 19, 2018 was the scariest day of my life. That was the day that I thought I had lost my youngest child, Avaya, to the flu. As a mother of six children, none of whom had ever gotten a flu vaccination, I thought this was something that would never happen to my family. Then, it did, and it happened quickly.  Learn more
Julissa on table with doctor

An innovative surgery gave new hope for a baby born with two tracheas

 Today, Julissa Ulloa-Lopez is a healthy 1-year-old who likes to be heard as much as she likes to be held. “You could say she is a momma’s girl,” said her mother, Ruth Lopez Deleon, through an interpreter. “She wants to be with me all the time, and she is always touching my face to make sure I’m really there.” Learn more

US News Callout Blocker Image

Ranked among the best in the nation

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin has been ranked among the best in the nation in 8 specialties included in U.S. News & World Report's 2018-19 Best Children's Hospitals report. Learn more

Teens driving

Teen driving videos educate on the risks and responsibilities of driving

Driving is no joke and needs to be taken seriously. It’s a huge responsibility. But that doesn’t mean learning about safe driving can’t be fun. Learn more