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Kidney disease research

As a Research Center of Excellence in Pediatric Nephrology, our kidney disease research program is expediting new treatments for thousands of children.

Researcher resources

Our researchers do everything they can to improve the lives of patients. We do everything we can to support that vital work.

Neurosciences research

From testing new treatments for brain tumors and epilepsy to improving surgical techniques, our neuroscientists work to enhance care for children with neurological disorders.

Research and Innovation

Our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge clinical research has earned the Herma Heart Center worldwide recognition for pediatric and fetal heart care.

Children’s Research Institute

Life-saving discoveries and cures. New and better treatments. Healthier and happy kids. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Research Institute works hard to achieve all of this and more, advancing state-of-the-art pediatric health care through translational research programs.

We invite you to read our stories to learn about our latest research in cancer, heart care, diabetes and more.

Research centers and programs

Our investigators are working on some of the most critical chronic health issues facing kids today. Children’s Research Institute includes more than a dozen specialized centers and programs organized into research units focused on key areas

Nursing research

Nursing researchers play a critical role in advancing evidence-based practice by studying everything from pain to sedation protocols.

Vascular biology and hematology research

We’re translating discoveries in cardiovascular science and technology into innovative strategies for the cure and treatment of pediatric vascular disease.

Research projects for developmental vascular biology

Specific research projects being conducted by the developmental vascular biology unit in the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Research Institute

Individualized Medicine Institute

The Individualized Medicine Institute is bringing genetics to the clinic to deliver the most accurate diagnoses, the best therapies and personalized care.

Viewing page 2 of 304 | Showing results 11 - 20 of 3033