Nghia (Jack) N Vo, MD

Program Director, Pediatric Interventional Radiology - Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology - the Medical College of Wisconsin

Office locations

8915 W. Connell Ct.
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 266-3100
(414) 266-3152 (appointment)
(414) 266-6252 (office)
1655 W Mequon Rd
Mequon, WI 53092
3195 Hillside Dr
Delafield, WI 53018


Dr. Vo has a service oriented viewpoint. This stems from his father who was in the military. As director of the pediatric vascular and interventional radiology (IR) program the unifying theme for our team is service. Providing the best care and experience to our patients and their families is a primary goal. Frequently, improved care arises from less invasive options. In the pediatric interventional radiology service we specialize in using imaging guidance to precisely localize and deliver minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment solutions. This can lead to more rapid recovery and return to normal activity through performance of a less invasive technique. IR techniques can also reduce systemic effects and risks by directly localizing and instilling medications and/or devices at a precise location for treatment.

We understand that an illness in a child is a stressful situation and providing the best care is a team effort. We collaborate with all the specialists caring for the child and team up to devise the ideal care plan. We in the pediatric interventional radiology service are thankful to be a part of a tremendous and gifted team here at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Pediatric Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Areas of interest
  • Imaging
  • Liver and renal transplant interventions
  • Renal vascular hypertension
  • Vascular access procedures (central lines, PICCs and Ports)
  • Treatment of blood clots (thrombosis)
  • IVC filter placement and retrieval
  • Angiograms and angioplasty
  • Gastric and Jejunal feeding tube placements (GJ tubes)
  • Biopsies
  • Pain relief interventions (bone tumor ablation, joint and facet injections)
  • Lumbar punctures and CSF drainage
  • Embolization of tumors and arterial hemorrhage.
  • Interventional radiology

Education and awards

  • 1999, Medical College of Wisconsin, MD
  • 2005, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Ped Radiology
  • 2004, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine - Diagnostic Radiology
  • 2006, University of Washington School of Medicine - Vascular and Interventional Radiology

Research and publications