Ruth M Rademacher, MD

Assistant Professor

Office Locations

8915 W. Connell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53226


Dr. Rademacher is a general pediatrician with over 18 years of practice before starting to work in neonatology. She provides care for the normal newborn, late preterm infant, infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome that are withdrawing from maternal drug abuse, newborns with respiratory distress, infants of diabetic mothers, those requiring antibiotics, oxygen, phototherapy and some infants with genetic defects or congenital abnormalities.

She provides prenatal consults to mothers on pain medications especially opiates and mom’s with substance abuse issues, in order to better prepare them for what may happen to their baby if it starts to withdrawal including symptoms of withdrawal, NAS scoring, treatment and options, prolonged stay etc. Dr. Rademacher works with these moms to answer their questions and concerns.

Dr. Rademacher is a certified lactation counselor trained in the science of the breast, breast milk, milk production, infant latch and transfer of milk, ways to maintain milk volume if mother is separated from baby or infant has difficulty with breast feeding, ankyloglossia and the myriad of issues that may confront the mom or baby.

She is involved in medical education serving on the Medical College of Wisconsin Admissions Committee.

Areas of Interest
  • Neonatology

Education & Awards

  • 1980, Chicago Medical School (Chicago, IL), MD
  • 1983, Medical College of Wisconsin

Research & Publications


Dr. Rademacher has conducted research in teaching professionalism and is involved in a research study on infant body mass, weight loss and BPA levels in moms and infants around the time of birth. This study is looking at whether BPA crosses the placenta causing significant levels in the newborn.