Teen Advisory Council

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin cares for children of all ages, up to age 18. We offer a number of programs and resources to teens, because we want to ensure care is age-specific and relevant to teens.

Our Teen Advisory Council is a group of teens who advocate for other teens in the hospital and address their concerns regarding health and wellness.

Who are Teen Advisory Council members?

Members range from age 12 to 21 and have been patients at Children’s Hospital, are current patients at the hospital or are the brother or sister of a current or former patient.

How often does the Teen Advisory Council meet?

The council meets once a month for two hours September to June. More time may be required for special projects and events.

What do Council members do?

Council members have:

  • Helped design the hospital’s teen lounge.
  • Developed a video teaching second-year medical students how to best talk with teen in a clinical setting.
  • Planned and participated in an annual prom for teen patients who are in the hospital or missed their own.

How can I get involved?

We’re always adding new council members. To become a member of the Teen Advisory Council, you must get a recommendation from a Children’s Hospital staff member such as a nurse or doctor. You also must meet the requirements of our volunteer program. Ask a Children’s Hospital staff member to help you get involved.