Institutional Review Board

Safe. Ethical. Scientifically valid. The Institutional Review Board of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin scrutinizes every proposed research study to ensure those standards are met. 

The Institutional Review Board, which is made up of physicians, scientists, nonscientists and community representatives, reviews all proposed research projects that involve human subjects at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to assure that:

  • research methods are ethical
  • patients’ rights are protected
  • patients give adequate and informed consent for their participation (or, if subjects are not capable of making such choices, that a suitable proxy gives informed permission)
  • any possible benefits of the research are commensurate with the risks involved 
  • researchers maximize the safety of subjects once they are enrolled in the study

Investigators already affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Research Institute can find more information, including policies, procedures and forms, on our intranet and at IRBnet. Other questions? Call the IRB office at (414) 266-7454 or contact the staff below.

Our leadership

Robert Schum, PhD
Chair, IRB Committee #2
(262) 432-6600

J. Paul Scott, MD
Chair, IRB Committee #1
(414) 937-6896

Justin Nebel
Research Integrity Manager
(414) 337-7705

Lori Mroczek
Lead Coordinator
(414) 266-2986

Gwen Miner
(414) 337-7133