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Each investigator has a critical role in the present and future development of interdisciplinary translational research at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Research Institute.

John E Baker
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
    (414) 456-8706
Michael J Chusid

Michael J Chusid MD

Pediatrics; Infectious Disease, Pediatric
Anwer A Dhala

Anwer A Dhala MD

Cardiology; Electrophysiology
Peter L Havens

Peter L Havens MD,MS

Pediatrics; Infectious Disease, Pediatric
Kelly J Henrickson

Kelly J Henrickson MD

Pediatrics; Infectious Disease, Pediatric
Martin J Hessner
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
    (414) 456-4496
George M Hoffman

George M Hoffman MD

Anesthesiology, Pediatric; Pediatrics; Critical Care, Pediatric; Anesthesiology
Marlene D Melzer-Lange

Marlene D Melzer-Lange MD

Pediatrics; Emergency Medicine, Pediatric
John R Meurer
Michael E Mitchell

Michael E Mitchell MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery; Cardiothoracic Surgery, Pediatric
Judyann C Olson

Judyann C Olson MD

Pediatrics; Rheumatology, Pediatric
Matthew C Scanlon

Matthew C Scanlon MD, CPPS

Pediatrics; Critical Care, Pediatric; Special Needs
Timothy R Schum

Timothy R Schum MD

Lynn K Sheets

Lynn K Sheets MD

Pediatrics; Child Advocacy-Protection
Qizhen Shi
  • MCW/MACC Ped Hem/Onc Department
    (414) 937-3853
Janette F Strasburger

Janette F Strasburger MD

Pediatrics; Electrophysiology; Cardiology, Pediatric
Rodney E Willoughby

Rodney E Willoughby MD

Pediatrics; Infectious Disease, Pediatric
Lisa W Zetley

Lisa W Zetley MD