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Student information for clinical groups and preceptees

We are excited you have decided to complete part of your nursing education at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Pediatric nursing is an ever changing and fulfilling career. We are committed to providing the best possible pediatric nursing learning experience.

All student placements must be made through an affiliated school of nursing faculty members. We do not accept requests directly from students.


As a student doing a learning experience here at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, you must review the National Patient Safety Goals, Policy and Procedures, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin unit profiles and "What you need to know" for the unit/area you are assigned to. You must also view the student orientation and clean hands slide shows before your first day. 

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Preceptorship Responsibilities and Expectations

Policies and procedures

Unit information


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Privacy and Confidentiality (HIPAA) form.  All students and faculty spending time at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin must sign and date the confidentiality form (attachment to Exhibit A of program agreement). This form is to be mailed, faxed (414) 266-5731 or scanned via email to Diane Dooley.

Student clinical site evaluation

Student information sheet. This form can be used for undergraduate nursing students participating in a senior preceptorship. This form should be submitted with the student placement request form. Completed forms should be sent via email to Diane Dooley

Alternative learning experiences

Alternative learning experience form. This form is used for clinical students currently conducting a rotation at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, but who would like a one-time alternative learning experience on another unit/area. This form is to be mailed, faxed or emailed to the appropriate contact person. Please refer to the Alternative learning experience listing.

Alternative student objectives and evaluation form.  The first page of this form should be printed out and completed by the student prior to attending an alternative/observational experience.  The bottom portion is to be completed by the staff who works with the student at the alternative site.  The second page should be returned to the clinical instructor. This form can be used by the student to evaluate their alternate site experience and for the student to evaluate the staff who worked with them during this experience. Please forward feedback to Tracy Blair (MS #B265A) or Martha Kliebenstein (MS #B265A); information will be shared with the specific unit.

Education materials

Student orientation information (mandatory)


Click on the picture to start the prezi presentation; start on the pirate ship's top sail to begin.


Providing education and care to babies and their families requires being up-to-date and comfortable talking with parents and caregivers about the importance of safe sleep practices. Our students need to be educated and help us to promote infant safe sleep whenever possible. Click on link: Infant Safe Sleep Education.

Safe Sleep audit tool  

Student evaluation survey on Safe Sleep Audit