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MAGNET RECOGNIZED - American Nurses Credentialing CenterWelcome to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Our goal is to provide high quality educational experiences for students in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Embedded in the mission of the Children's is a strong commitment to the education of our future work forces, your students.

The Advanced Practice Nursing/Nursing Student Education oversees and coordinates work with all schools of nursing. More than 606 nursing students from 34 affiliated schools of nursing from local, state and national universities, colleges and technical programs completed educational experiences at Children's Hospital in 2016. There are various types of student placements including undergraduate and graduate experiences. 


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What's new


The Schools of Nursing has a NEW means of communication.  A hotline was created to assist with providing information regarding nursing students' Epic classes (time, location & reminders) and how to contact members within the Schools of Nursing.  The number to call is 1-414-337-CALL (2255).   If you have any additional suggestions to add to this hotline, please contact Tracy Blair at

This is MY Children's Career Days:

All nursing students are welcome to attend; freshman to senior level status

This informational day explains the different roles and responsibilities a Children's nurse has in Acute Care, ER, HOT, OR, NICU, PICU, PACU and Transport.

Virtual tours will be given during the presentation, along with a nursing forum for nursing students to ask candid questions to Children's nurses who work in these departments.

A visit from Children's Human Resources department ends the program with important interview techniques/suggestions and how to apply at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

  • April 3rd, 2017 from 1 to 3 pm in the Briggs and Stratton Auditorium (2nd floor of the Hospital)
  • April 5th, 2017 from 1 to 3 pm in the Briggs and Stratton Auditorium (2nd floor of the Hospital)

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New clinical educators to Children's

Make sure you complete the following paperwork and return it to the School Liaison APN.

Children's Hospital clinical educator form
  • Orientation must be on the designated unit for a for a minimum eight hour precepted shift
  • Identified unit based competencies must be completed during orientation
  • If additional time is required, arrangements will be made with the School liaison APN and Unit APN or unit manager
  • Will meet with School Liaison APN to discuss Clinical educator role
  • Ongoing communication with School Liaison APN throughout clinical to discuss the semester

Children's Hospital Site survey

We are going green! We would like all schools of nursing to complete an online survey evaluating how we are doing. Please have all nursing students complete this before they finish their clinicals at Children's.

Need a map showing the location of Curative for Epic Classes?

Click here for directions to the Epic In-Service given by Children's Hospital of Wisconsin