Education materials

Please check with your supervisor to obtain a list of what online education you are required to complete. All available courses are listed below in alphabetical order.

Alpha paging

Assessing and managing pain

Behavioral challenges

Care of the surgical patient with a drain

Children & families who are deaf/hard of hearing

Children & youth with special health care needs

Civil rights

Considerations when providing services to the Amish

Considerations when providing services to Russian families

Emergency Department/Trauma Center (EDTC) training module

Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant

Hispanic/Latin culture 1

Hispanic/Latin culture 2

Hmong culture 1

Hmong culture 2

Introducing Interpreter Services

IPPE modules

Jehovah's Witness

Jewish faith

Medication online course

Medication practice test

Medication verification & reconciliation training module

Nurse saver system

Privacy education

PAR Excellence online tutorial

PAR Excellence NEW for 2011

Patient safety: National patient safety goals

Pediatric aesthesia and pain management


Pre-surgical care

Post-surgical care

Providing education to families with low health literacy

Safe sleep

Safety education

SBARR online tutorial

Service excellence the Blue Kids Way

Student orientation slideshow (non-nursing)

Student orientation slideshow (nursing)

Trauma Informed Care

Use of Caviwipes and Cavicide

Volunteer orientation