Education materials

Please check with your supervisor to obtain a list of what online education you are required to complete. All available courses are listed below in alphabetical order.

Alpha paging 

Assessing and managing pain 

Behavioral challenges:

Care of the surgical patient with a drain

Children & families who are deaf/hard of hearing

Children & youth with special health care needs

Civil rights

Considerations when providing services to the Amish

Considerations when providing services to Russian families

Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant

Hispanic/Latin culture 1

Hispanic/Latin culture 2

Hmong culture 1

Hmong culture 2

Introducing Interpreter Services

IPPE modules

Jehovah's Witness

Jewish faith

Medication online course

Medication practice test

Medication verification & reconciliation training module

Nurse saver system

Privacy education

PAR Excellence online tutorial

PAR Excellence NEW for 2011

Patient safety: National patient safety goals

Pediatric aesthesia and pain management


Pre-surgical care

Post-surgical care

Providing education to families with low health literacy

Safe sleep

Safety education

SBARR online tutorial

Service excellence the Blue Kids Way

Student orientation slideshow (non-nursing)

Student orientation slideshow (nursing)

Trauma Informed Care

Use of Caviwipes and Cavicide

Volunteer orientation

2015 volunteer safety education

2015 volunteer safety education knowledge check